LMAB represents individuals and businesses on a broad range of tax disputes and litigation matters. Our clients benefit from Mr. Leighton's experience as a former IRS District Counsel attorney in Austin, and Texas, to effectively handle most disputes involving the IRS.

Our tax controversy practice capabilities include:

  • Contesting individual, business and estate tax audits at the agent and administrative appeals levels;
  • Handling IRS collection matters, including negotiating offers in compromise and installment agreements;
  • Responding to (and preventing) IRS liens and levies;
  • Handling innocent spouse and injured spouse claims;
  • Litigating tax matters in the United States Tax Court and United States District Courts, and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

As an IRS attorney from 1988 to 1992, Mr. Leighton represented the Internal Revenue Service in the United States Tax Court and advised the local (Austin District) IRS collection officers with respect to collection matters. Since leaving the government in 1992, Mr. Leighton has used his background, experience and expertise to effectively assist taxpayers in central Texas with these same types of matters. We also have experience in appealing an adverse Tax Court decision to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which overturned the Tax Court in a capital gain vs. ordinary income decision that continues to be cited and relied upon by taxpayers throughout the nation. Mr. Leighton's procedural tax background with our substantive tax background enables LMAB to offer exceptional representation before the IRS and beyond on most tax controversy matters.