We represent and advise clients on how best to structure and operate their business affairs.

It’s never a bad time to plan for the future. We offer a wide array of estate planning services specifically tailored to meet your personal goals.

Make sure your loved ones are provided for. We have extensive experience handling probate matters.

Don't face a tax dispute on your own. We represent individuals and businesses on a broad range of tax disputes and litigation matters.

We have experienced litigators to assist both plaintiffs and defendants with any litigation matters that arise.

We have extensive experience in handling appeals in state and federal court on a variety of issues.

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Turn to the attorneys of Leighton, Michaux, Adkinson & Brown to handle your legal matters in Austin, TX

When it comes to the future of your business and personal affairs, there’s no room for mistakes. Make sure your affairs are handled properly by hiring the lawyers of Leighton, Michaux, Adkinson & Brown, PLLC.

We strive to provide effective and timely legal services to all of our clients. We pride ourselves in effective communication and a results oriented focus to achieve what is in our clients' best interest. 

Reach out today to let us help you with your legal matter. 

We are not intimated by what's at stake

We have the experience to plan estates of any size and to handle complex litigation matters. We’ll take the time needed serve our clients to achieve the results they expect. Call our offices in Austin, TX at 512-322-2001 if you have a legal matter that you would like to discuss. 

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